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Eight-year-old Charlie used to go on adventure trips with his now terminally ill mom Hannah. On this special night she surprises him and they take Grandpa's convertible to go on an adventurous secret road trip to Joshua Tree. The stars seem to sparkle as bright as never before, a night to remember.

When they finally arrive at Joshua Tree, they watch the most astonishing sunrise, Hannah’s favorite time of the day. It is right there, right then, that Charlie learns an important lesson about courage and hope that will prepare him for the inevitable fate that lays ahead of them.

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Andie Naar


Frank Brantley


Sharron Shayne

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“See you at Sunrise” tells the journey and growing arch of a little boy who comes to terms with his mother’s fatal illness. I wrote this film inspired by losing my father when I was four years old.

While the story is fictional, I found ways to integrate my own grief journey into the fabric of the film. I wanted to tell the story of a child going through loss and it has been a very cathartic, healing experience. It’s hard to tell a child what forever means. How could they understand that the person they love won’t come back? That there is no way for them to ever get that one last hug they long for, nor will there be the sound of the parent’s voice echoing through the home again.

The protagonist of my film, little Charlie, has this incredible adventure that he experiences with his mom. He learns an important lesson about courage and hope that will prepare him for the inevitable fate that lays ahead of them. I wanted Charlie to have this intimate moment of goodbye that I so longed for as a child but never had. And boy, does Charlie get the best version of it.

I believe that us artists can and should make usage of the opportunity and responsibility to initiate positive change in this world. I may not be able to work on a big scale, but I can try my best to inspire individuals to feel better about themselves and life, to believe that they can overcome hardship and trauma and blossom again. It breaks my heart that so many lives end prematurely because  someone felt their life wasn’t worth living anymore. If there is one wish I have for all my artistry it’s to help people find that spark of hope within to keep them alive.

This is my first narrative short film and I am so proud and grateful to be able to share it with the world. I am excited to see where its journey may go.

I learned that the only way out (of grief) is through and hopefully my film will lift the viewers up and help confront and heal emotions that they may not be able to voice otherwise. You are important, everyone matters.

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